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[SOLVED] XDJ firmware update finally displaying the waveform data?

Hello! I do not understand my XDj R1 why they did not show waveform instead?

Picture 1: I don't need this! I need and many users REALLY NEED displaying the waveform data!

This is unwanted feature on XDJ R1 Please replace with WAVEFORM!!!

Please next firmware update includes the following feature! PLEASE!!!!

Picture 2: CDJ 1000 MK2 with waveform.  (was released on July 2003)

CDJ 1000 MK2 have a waveform and XDJ-R1 in 2014 don't have a waveform?

I can't believe dear pioneer!!!

  • Remotebox why don't show waveform data?

Picture 3: Dj Player iPhone app shows the waveform...

Picture 4: iDj 2 GO iPhone app shows the waveform...

Pioneer (long history company) app don't show?



Please give a meaningful answers!

Thank you.


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makes popcorn

Jason, thanks for taking a snap of the crusty yet trusty 1000mk2 with its 5 vertical pixel waveform display, and a few pixels to show the cue and loop points.  I've been asking for that on the Aero since it came out.  Dirt simple, yet still quite useful.  While not as nice as looking at the groove pattern of a record, it did the job, and reminded me where I set my points at a glance.

I especially laughed (ironically) at the support in the iDJ2GO app.  But support for this in apps is natural as you have a massive display, a natural (touch) interface, memory, and a huge amount of horsepower to really cool user interfaces..

Apples-to-apples comparisons should focus on stand-alone media players.  I use SCS.4DJ as an inexpensive example, where they have a track profile and added an option for waveform liveview with colors mapped to frequency bands.  I just love systems based on open source, the development environment and extensibility is unmatched.

Sure, these cheap boxes are lower rez, have crappy pots and sliders, and noisy I/O, but at what point does functionality trump form, and these other guys step up their quality?

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Actually, i don't understand why the heck can't Pioneer do this, idc if its on Remotebox, but add waveforms ffs!!!! After that, it would be awesome to put memory points; but waveforms are a must.

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Sorry guys, as mentioned in other threads - if it were possible, Pioneer would have already done it. It's likely due to how the R1 was programmed.

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