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[SOLVED] XDJ R1 questions

Hi there,

I recently purchased and XDJ-R1 as it has increased functionality but I've noticed a few issues regarding the model. I have found some answers to my questions on these forums but I would like to confirm a number of things.

Firstly, I have set multiple cue points and loops on rekordbox - is it possible to recall multiple cue points i.e. skip between the memory points I have set. I have only found a way to recall the first cue point as the song loads.

Secondly, it is possible to recall loops that I have set in rekordbox. 

Thirdly, I have CDJ350s as well and when I hold down the track search arrows, it skips through the song much faster than the jog wheel. But now when I hold it down it just skips the track. Is there a way to move through the song quicker than the jog wheel allows?


Ben Yuen

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@Ben >

1) No, only the first cue (main cue) and hot cues.

2) No, much like the cues, you can only recall hot loops.

3) I never really tried that with the R1, but I would likely just use the rotary encoder knob to scroll through the tracks then load the one I want. I believe this is why the hyper-track-search doesn't exist as it would have to "load" each track as it seeks through, making it very taxing on the system.

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