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High Pitched Noise from my XDJ Aero

I am experiencing a high pitch noise from either of the channels on the Aero controller.  The controller was bought yesterday and I updated to the latest firmware (3.00) for the Aero  and drivers (1.120) for the PC computer.  .    This noise does not happen all the time and has happened three times on either channel The only way to make it stop is to reload a track onto that channel.  The track(s), which I had the problem with, load and play on the other side with out any problems.  I reloaded the same track on the problem channel and it is fine, So I know the track is not the issue.   What I had noticed so far that  it only occurs during the first 4-6 seconds of the loaded track.  Computer is above the recommended specs and don't know what to do with this issue.  The wiI-fi is turned on and Rekordbox 3.02 is running on my lap top.  I should note that I use the same lap top with Rekordbox 3.02 and the same external hard drive with my Nexus 2000 setup without any problems at all. 


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