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[CLOSED] XDJ-R1 - song/ track sound quality is terrible & it has been analyzed on Rekordbox

Good Day,

I have all my music analyzed on the latest version of Rekordbox (v3.0.0.0) and have exported tracks to a USB flash drive as required (changing settings in preference tab to export to XDJ-R1). I have even updated the R1 with the latest firmware.

Some of the tracks sound quality is absolutely terrible, yet it some were ripped from an original CD in either WAV or MP3 (320kb) format.

Also, although VDJ LE, that comes with the unit (is a piece of incomplete s@#$), if I hook it up to the R1 as midi, it plays fine.

It must be noted that, the same tracks that I have problems on the R1 , are all analyzed via Rekordbox, and I use it on my CDJ900's on an external HDD, with no problems at all.

I am a mobile DJ and the poor sound quality is not expectable. The other flaws/ short comings of the R1 are, well, we just have to live with, but the sound quality is not.

Reference is also made to the query previously posted as detailed below:-

[CLOSED] XDJ R1 next firmware update? Product is currently not fit for sale.         

        Anthony Fleming July 10, 2013          •           Latest comment            about 1 year ago            •           172


please can this matter be given urgency as I have a number of gigs lined up for the festive period.







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Please can someone from Pioneer respond to my query.....this is starting to become frustrating. Did a gig this weekend and some of the tracks played with utter shyte

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@Vishnu > We apologize for the late reply. Have you attempted using a different USB device in your XDJ-R1?

Please try a different USB device, possibly the same or similar drive to your current functioning hard drive in the CDJ-900, change the library export settings to XDJ-R1 when re-exporting the tracks again, and attempt to play the files.

Also, please update your version of rekordbox to the most recent version available.

If the issue persists, please contact Technical Support for your region, to have the unit sent to the service centre for a checkup. Links can be found on the side bar to the right.

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We recommend that you send it in for service.  You can find local service centers through the Tech Support links and numbers on the right side of this page.

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