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[SOLVED] XDJ+R1 + Rekordbox Android

Hey guys hope you're doing fine.

I saw a related topic for this but i'm writing it again because I feel there's a lot of users with the same "concern".

So I bought this "global" dj solution.. and it seems that's not so global... I can only use remotebox with an "i+something" ..

Well the thing is.. for Aero you can use rekordbox via Android.. and... as an IT Consultant that already worked with mobile area... it really confuses me why you didn't release this for R1. Because in terms of development i believe  the solution its pretty much the same...

So it would be awesome if we could use an android platform to interact with R1 as we do with Aero.

And because I and so much troubles with "Apple" (LOL) I don't wanna go back again to it... it's just overpriced.. 

In nowadays when you say global.. i hope you really mean it... it's nonsense to release this kind of equipment and then.. limit it to a dj software or an OS ...

PLEASE.. Just please.. think about it :)

If you need a QA for this.. I volunteer :)


Gonçalo F.

Gonçalo Fernandes

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I agree , it is unfortunate that this occurs with such a new device , and other problems, the Rekordbox , which is a simple program can not be commanding on another platform , but the IOs .... 'm sure it's an easy solution resolve ... after all you are the PIONNER ....

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Sorry guys, there are no plans to create an Android port of the remotebox app at this time. Should that change in the future, information will be posted to the announcements.

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