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[SOLVED] XDJ 1000 usb and link

I'm thinking about purchasing xdj1000's as my vestax controller is on its last legs. I've never used pioneer equipment before so I have a couple of questions that are probably basic. First one is. Do all files on a USB have to be analysed in Rekordbox first, will xdj1000 recognise files that haven't been analysed beforehand ? Secondly. When linking 2 xdj1000 together do you need to connect to a hub or just plug one into the other

Alex jackman

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You can do it without going threw rekordbox. But for more accuracy on bpm and for quick play. Meaning track or ready analyze. It's best to go threw rekordbox. And when connecting 2 xdj1000. U don't need a usb hub. Only if u have 4 or 3 u want to use. But for 2 just connect one wire to the other player. And u good to go

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