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Need Help Setting Up Traktor Scratch Pro 2 +CDJ 2000 + DJM 900

Ok I just switched from serato scratch live to Traktor Scratch Pro 2.  First off the equipment I have is DJM 900 mixer, 2 CDJ-2000's, Mac Book Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro 2.  I bought the Traktor Scratch Upgrade since it works with the DJM 900 Mixer.  This is what I want to do.  First I dont always use a lap top so I would like to be able to use regular cd's when ever I want. I also use Rekordbox (usb stick)  What is the best way to hook up my set up?  Right now I have a Lan switch with the CDJ's, Mixer, and computer hooked up to it.  I also have usb from the two cdj's going to the mixer.  Lastly I have the digital cable going from the cdj's to mixer.  There has to be some way to use CD's, Rekordbox, and Traktor with out all the cables.  How can I use CD's Rekordbox, and Traktor with out all the cables all over the place? I am not using a X1 controller so I am wanting to make my CDJ's native to traktor.  Second part is how do I make Traktor Scratch pro 2 native to my cdj's?  I found the video on how to set up the mixer (thanks pulse) but I didn't see how you got to the very first screen to change the settings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bspD_Hxi-4M.  I don't have any idea how to navigate through Traktor so please be as spcific as possiable when explaining. 

Setting up my music:

So after I get this all set up how do I sort my music?  In serato I had different crates for each genre.  On Traktor I didn't see how to do that same type of thing.  Sorry I am sure alot of this is super easy to some of you but your help is appriacated.   


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To help with the playlist side of things... i use itunes to organise my playlists and import the ones i want via the itunes node.... import as playlist by right clicking the folder i want from within the itunes node.

if you have folders full of music on your mac representing genre - get them in to itunes..

the easy way would be to ensure you tick the box 'copy to itunes folder' within the itunes preferences..

then make a folder for each genre to mimic your folders on the mac inside itunes (these are called playlists).. then drag / drop each of the files within each of the folders on the mac to the playlists you have created...

Then go back into traktor and open the itunes node - you may need to specify where the itunes folder is located in the traktor preferences first.

The other way would be to bypass itunes and copy your music directly into traktor - same sort of thing here, each folder by genre will be created when you drag folders under the playlist node...


As i use rekordbox & traktor i find using itune as the central point to organise my music is easiest - shame rekrodbox doesnt update each playlist automatically.. maybe in time eh!


My cables are usb to the mac for traktor + ethernet for prolink via a 5 port hub to the cdj2k's - its messy so i only use rekrodbox and prolink most of the times...

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To get to the setup screen, click the little gear icon in the top right of Traktor (or go into the settings menu).

Unfortunately you need all the cables:

  • USB if you use the CDJs as controllers for Traktor

  • USB if you use the DJM as a soundcard for Traktor

  • digital S/PDIF if you use the CDJs to play audio to the mixer (for any source)

  • LAN cables to link them all together if you use Rekordbox or simply want to link USB devices

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