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Freecom HDD doesn't work!

Hi. I bought a new Freecom Mobile Drive Mg External HDD. http://goo.gl/DFNTX

CAPACITY: 320GB (Slim)

INTERFACE: USB 3.0, USB 3.0 & FireWire800 (U&F model only). Can also be connected to USB 2.0*


2.5” SATA, low noise, low power consumption. The slimline model uses a 7mm formfactor 2.5” SATA hard drive inside. 

POWER REQUIREMENTS: powered by computer through USB port, no power adapter required

As you can see, its very small, low power consumption. My mac and my router (has usb) read hdd OK.

But when i put it to CDJ2000 - red light flashing some time and then NO USB. :( I try wait, format to different filesystems, but nothin. CDJs have latest firmware, as i know. Also tried at CDJ950, but not fresh firmware.

Will be glad for help.


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Entirely possible that the drive draws more power than the CDJ supplies through the USB port and as such doesn't spin up properly.  As it doesn't seem the drive has the ability to use an external power supply, you have two options:

1) Use a Y cable which features two USB connections, one for power and one for data, and supply the drive with more power from an external source.

2) Get a different hard drive.

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