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HELP! Recording in Traktor. DJM-900 mixer + 2 CDJ-2000's + Mac Book Pro

Ok so I have the DJM-900 Mixer with the CDJ-2000's.   I am trying to record my mixes.  When recording you have to have it in external recording mode.  I called traktor tech support and they told me I had to go from the master out to one of my open channels.  I then needed to change the settings in my prefrences.  I changed the input fx send to the channel the master out is going into.  Then I changed the mix recording to the channel in the prefrences.  This does not work.   Can some one please tell me what I am doing wrong?


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@Bradyhancock > I'm really confused here. Did NI tell you to connect a cable from your Master Out into another channel?

 If so, it's not necessary to add any additional cables to the DJM-900 in order to record directly to your computer.

You will need to connect the DJM-900 to your computer via USB, and could you please follow these 2 videos below:

Please follow the information provided about the DJM-900 HERE

Please substitute the DJM-2000 in this video for the DJM-900 HERE


Please let me now if that helps you out. 

I can't exactly go through everything at this moment, but hopefully those can explain it better.

In my personal opinion, I would use the DJM-900 connected via USB to record into Audacity (freeware) as I find it's a better application for recording and with more capabilities and exporting options.

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