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CDJ 350 Slow Jog Wheel On traktor


I hooked up my Pioneer CDJ-350 to Traktor Pro 2 (2.0.1) on my MacBook Pro .

Everything seems to work fine except the jogwheel which controls the track is extremely slow.

I meen very slow.

If I look at a tutorial on youtube it should work normal (similar to normal CD Function (CDJ-350) speed).

Tried all sorts of things but with no result.

Anybody has idea of how to improve speed?

Daniel Bozitto

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@Daniel Bozitto > Do you have your CDJ's connected directly to your Mac via USB, or do they go through a USB hub first?

Could you double check your latency settings within Traktor and make sure they aren't set too high?

Also, you should update your version of Traktor with the "Service Center" as there has been multiple updates since. Please update Traktor, and confirm the CDJ's are on the latest firmware.

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