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trouble recording my mixes with CDJ350 and CJM350 ?

Ive got my two CDJ350s set up as controllers and Im using the CJM350 to record my mixes. However the fader on the mixer has no influence on the sound level in Traktor so cuing up tracks is impossible. How can I get it to control the mixer faders in Tracktor so i can cue up my tracks for a good mix.

thanks in advance



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ok Ive been doing some searching online, Im a disaster techy

BUT .....

Am I right in assuming that I cant MIDI map  my DJM350 as a controller to use in Traktor ?

if so what are the alternatives ? I cant record my mixes if I cant cue them up remotely in Traktor

thanks ;(

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@Roisin > Yes you are correct. The DJM-350 is not capable of controlling software, it is a hardware mixer ;)

The best, easiest, and most convenient recording with the DJM-350 is by inserting a USB device into the top of the DJM-350, and press the REC button. :)

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