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Traktor CUE / Play issue HELP!

Hi, I never used software but was forced to because my sum1 broke my cdj and disks won't eject; I manually put in a traktor timecode and everything but the jogwheel worked fine. I could use both cd players in vinyl mode and the only thing wrong was the jogwheel on one cdj, fine. Sometimes I would get lazy and use auto sync, reset the track, cue it and just press play. This was good to record mixes cuz my jogwheel but all of a sudden, on the player which isn't even broken, my play button works but when i press it again to pause it doesn't work. If I hot cue though, it won't go back to a cue point, it would simply stop the track until i press play. And worst of all, when I would hit auto sync on the broken side ( while this problem occurs ) the tempo matches are spastic if its 125 on the other side it will go to like 125.7, 125.10 etc. Please any1, I should just get my jogwheel fixed but don't have cash for repair. 


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@vladislov > As you point out, the first step would be to get the broken unit repaired.

Secondly, what hardware are you using and what version of Traktor? Are all firmware / drivers and software up to date? I suspect it may be a mapping issue between the software and players.

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