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CDJ 900 DJM 850K RMX 1000 - traktor in HID?

Hi I have the above set up, now the 900s can accept the advanced HID I want to route them into Traktor. First question...

Can I just use Traktor 2.5.1 and not traktor scratch pro.. I presume as I won't be using time code the standard TS will be fine?

Secondy, as I will want to route audio through the DJM 850, will this work witn the standard TS 2.5.1 or again as it is Traktor scratch certified should I be using TSP?

Ideally I want CDJs controlling TS 2.5.1 audio through DJM and out to RMX when I want... Is this set up do-able? I have had problems getting the audio right in Traktor before and getting sound out both speakers etc...


Ben Smith

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You should be able to use Traktor as Scratch Pro simply offers some additional features and functions in combo with the ability to accept timecode (from CDs or vinyl).  HID and MIDI are included in all versions.

Yes, the setup is doable.

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