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sound only coming out of one channel

having problems with my set up, not sure if its vdj or that im hooking somthing up wrong.. so my set up is 2x cdj2000 and a djm2000, cdj's are hooked up trough hid into a usb port hub that is connected to a macbook pro.. i am using a usb port hub because i need more than 2 usb inputs. so hooked that all up open vdj, configure to external mixer and 4-out card... now all the controls work fine on cdj's deck A plays and sound comes out... but deck B no sound and i can see no signal on my mixer for that channel. is there somthing in the settings that need to be changed? what am i doing wrong? thanks.


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@Christopher > Essentially, because you are running both channels in through the Hub, your computer only recognizes this as one USB input.

As a result you will need to point your computer in the right direction to identify these channels - fortunately, Pioneer developed their own piece of software exactly for this purpose. You will find it here - http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/support/software/CDJ-2000/index.html#download_254

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