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connecting Virtual DJ to CDJ350 and CDM350 ?

Hi guys


Im trying to connect my mac book pro to my cdjs using virtual DJ. so I can use them as controllers for VDJ

I have downloaded and updated the Firmwear to latest version , 1.6 and need some help with the cabling

I would like to use my internal sound card, is that possible ?

mac book pro is version 10.5.8 so should be ok


do I need to connect both CDJs via USB to my mac ?

can I use RCA cables ?

I've also downloaded the CDJ_Aggregator , this is necessary for the Virtual DJ to talk to the hardware , my CDJs , right ?

can anyone help me out

many thanks



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@Roisin > Connect CDJs to Mac via USB. Connect the CDJs to the mixer via RCA cables. The output will be routed through the CDJs. Assign the CDJs in the audio preferences in VDJ.

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