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slow video playback on ergo using Virtual Dj


i just purchased the DDJ ergo v, great stuff. I upgraded to the Virtual Dj Pro 7 and tried the video dj on the ergo. Apparently the video runs slow as if there is not enough RAM or processor speed is lacking. I am using my ergo with Asus laptop with intel i7 gen 3 with quad core and nvidia geforce 630M video card. All this running on Widows 7 64bit. i do get ASIO error all the time i load the virtual dj.


1) Error on ASIO soundcard every time i load virtual dj LE supplied by manufacturer (pioneer)

2) Video Dj is slow and stuttering on Virtual Dj  LE.

3) Used the 20 days trial of the Virtual Dj pro and yet the video is slow.

help please. 



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Gavin: Yes i have. This is how i manage to get the ASIO error removed. After hooking up the ERGO to the laptop, i start the ERGO before i launch the VDJ. The laptop will identify that the ERGO is connected. Only then i start my VDJ software. This removes the ASIO error message.

Secondly i managed to tweek my laptop for the video. my laptop has Nividia graphic card. it has two settings. I have to right click on the VDJ icon and select high performance. only then i can play my videos well.


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Please follow-up with the guys @ VirtualDJ as this sounds like something they'd be better equipped to handle.

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