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[CLOSED] VirtualDJ 7.3 (11 November 2012)

improved sound engine quality

new automatic Limiter

new optional Parametric Equalizer

improved reactivity on controlers jogwheels

new multi-field search

fixed loop goes mute bug

fixed colorwave on VBR songs

fixed reverting to default skin if selected skin is missing

fixed high CPU usage for colored scratchWave on near-silent parts

fixed crash with Typhoon's ASIO driver

fixed touchwheel_touch can get stuck when changing jog_mode

fixed database entries duplicated for songs with accents when switching between Mac and PC

fixed video_transition on 4 decks

fixed device_side on 4 decks

fixed cloudList icons on skins with custom icons

new config options VolumeFader, Limiter, Param Eq, Output Headroom

new registry hack JogScratchLatency to improve latency of midi/hid jogwheels

action video_delay can do on/off

new action get_limiter


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Thanks Taff! Are you running it currently?

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I am on CDJ850s and have used it on the 900s and 2000nexus and the jog response is now really tight. The sound and latency has also really improved.

Taff 0 votos
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