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[SOLVED] XDJ-R1 Sound Setting with Virtual DJ

I apologize in advance for how confusing this reads... I am writing, trying changes, making adjustments so far it has not been a happy outcome.

Hello, looking for a little guidance.  I have been a VDJ Pro user for 8 years now and the XDJ-R1 is the controller device I have longed for.  I am stuck at the moment trying to get the Audio to route properly.  In "sound setup"  I can get audio to each channel, and out to a speaker, or to my headphones when the channel faders are up, however I cannot find a way to enable the Cueing to the headphones when the faders are down. And I only seem to be getting master output from one side at a time, Both channels feed headphones fine but not the master out.

If anyone has had success with VDJ Pro 7.4 and the XDJ-R1 please pass along any settings you have found to work I would truly appreciate it. 

I have included a jpg. my settings that give me headphone audio, master output on the left deck, and nothing in cueing unless the fader is also in the up position


DJ Shmoo

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This is from the Virtual DJ LE Manual, page 3:

Settings should be selected on the [Sound Setup] tab in the following


  • [Inputs]: Select [NONE].

  • [Sound card]: Select [ASIO DRIVER] and [Pioneer DDJ_R1 ASIO].

  • [Outputs]: Select [HEADPHONES] and [Master: Chan 1&2 / Headphones: Chan 3&4].

  • [Ultra-latency ASIO]: Tick it.


Do you have this options? I've also attached the manual.

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^^^ That.

@DJ Shmoo > If you require further assistance, please let us know by starting a new thread linking to this one.

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