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cdj900 and serato pitch is slow to respond

just got in from a gig and have had 1 complaint from the DJ about  the pitch being slow to respond

the set-up

2 CDJ900 + DJM900

the DJ arrived with a serato set-up connected in the old fashioned way using control CD's

when he was mixing there was a time lag between him moving the pitch fader and serato responding to his action

any help as to fixing this problem ?



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well that would work if it was "me" DJing but since i hire out equipment that doesn't help.

i cant force the DJ to upgrade! i was asked to supply 2 CDJ's + mixer for him to use.

are you saying that the CDJ900 wont work using control CD's ?

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It will work, but as the pitch displayed within Scratch Live is updated as the audio from the timecode is read, it can be slow to update, especially if the change is minor.

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