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4 new SERIOUS bugs found 4.0.3 and DDJ-RZ

Received my DDJ-RZ last night. Love the unit, feels pro. Did have a strange coat on it, after an hour of fondling my new hardware I had to wash my hands. Not sure about that.

Ok, on to the bugs. I'm running a Macbook Pro 13" RB 4.0.3 with a DDJ-RZ.

  1. Sometime during my 2 hour testing, on my left deck slip mode got turned on without me turning it on. I tried unloading the track and toggling slip mode but pressing a hot cue and releasing caused it to continue playing where it left off. Only solution was shutting down RB, which also lost my green played tracks list.

  2. I changed one of the color effects by using USER--EDIT and replacing pitch with dub echo. Worked great until the multiple times I had to restart RB for other crashes. The CFX change didn't stay and I had to re-edit it each time. This should be saved and reloaded when RB starts.

  3. Not a bug per say, but noticed there is no filter option for regular effects that is NOT beat sync'd. For example if I'm using the Space CFX and want to add a filter on top, I have to use the top row EFX but all of these are beat sync'd and oscillate. Is there a regular filter (like tracktor/serato) without the option of beat sync'ing?

  4. A big issue, and one that someone else just pointed. Randomly during my set the right channel stopped working. Tried restarting my controller (on/off) and tried stopping all decks but only one channel was working until I restarted the software. Big big big issue, and haven't seen it before 4.0.3. In one case this was when I was using SHIFT + FX-SELECT to pick effects. The other times I can't remember what I was doing (I think just mixing tracks with the fader?)

  5. Again, pointed out by a few other users, when adjusting beatgrids manually, RB crashed (that is, abruptly shut down with all music stopping). A little disconcerting that this exited in 4.0.0 and still there.

Overall, I'm pleased with the progress of the pioneer team, but RB is not ready for prime time. I love my new hardware and I've moved away from Traktor and Serato but am starting to worry if my investment in Rekordbox is a good one. I hope these critical issues get fixed and Pioneer brings more to the table to own this market. Lastly, because of the shipping delays I've stuck with two pioneer RB licenses now (I had to pay after my trial expired). I wonder if Pioneer can refund me for this license or allow me to re-sell it to someone?

DJ Chase

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A couple of them issues prevent you using RB commercially which is what I intend to do if stable. The only issue I've had so far (approx 18 hours use) is the tempo changing itself which again stops me using it commercially!! Hopefully the tech guys will sort😀

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yes it should be updated immediately. I switch from the traditional CDJ / DJM setup to the DDJ-RZ (cause i want to wait for the new big thing like a XDJ-2000 Nexus :D )and I'm also worry about my investment, I hope that the Pioneer guys don't need to long time to fixe that issue.
I think that the guys who invest the money for a DDJ-RZ want to play commercially and earn money with that machine and not just play in the bedroom.

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Pulse-- any info on this? Looking at some other posts, looks like issue # 1 and #4 are described by others on this forum, and is unique to 4.0.3.
Did a 3 hour practice set last night and both issues popped up AGAIN :(

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