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How do I connecting dj60x speakers up? Not sure what cables to use?

I have an old technics amp and a pioneer djm 600 mixer. I usually have copper wires between the mixer and speakers. These are my first set of powered speakers, I appreciate the wiring is different, do I connect the speakers to the amp or mixer? What are the best wires to use? I'm a novice so a simple explanation would be much appreciated, cheers, steve

Steven coates

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@Steven > Anything but a coat hanger!

Seriously, your best bet is to run XLRs from the DJM-600 to the speakers. You could even use RCAs if the speakers are close to the mixer. The reason balanced connections (XLR, TRS) are preferred is they are shielded and grounded to avoid acting like an antenna and picking up interference from outside sources.

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