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What happened to 'devices' and saved playlists?

Hi all,

So I'm trying out Rekordbox 4.0 but unlike 3.3, my external HD with all my songs and playlists doesn't show up in the explorer like it does in 3.3. Am I missing something or is there some option where I can turn this on?

Bas van Duren

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No. The performance mode and export mode are separate, likely to prevent accidental functions that may inhibit performance.

You can't use your external (export) drive as a source for rekordbox performance mode as it's not an internal (primary) database.

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they won't show up in performance mode, not sure what mode you are in but "export" mode is where you see devices

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So why can't we see it in performance mode?
Isnt it the idea with same library to both modes?

Fredrik Laitinen 1 voto
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