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my rmx 1000 is dead (only a few dim lights light up)

im not sure how this happened because I wasn't home, and my kids said it just stopped working. its not wet, It doesn't smell burnt or anything. the power supply is going to the rmx accurate. if anyone had any advice on how I can fix this please post up. there are no places that will attempt to fix this in the Daytona area. I don't mind paying a to have it fixed. but is it possible to fix? or is this just a real pretty paper weight? lol.
also btw it will not sync to the computer either.

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@callum > Per @Keiko's post, as long as your power supply is functioning properly, then it's likely a hardware issue and would require servicing. I'm sorry you've had this problem, and certainly, these products are not designed / built to fail after such little use, but electronic components can fail prematurely. Our technicians should be able to diagnose and repair it for you. Please contact Pioneer DJ technical support in your region for further assistance.

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Hello William,

It would be best to send your RMX-1000 to an authorized service center for repair.
CRM, Pioneer DJ

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iv had the exact same problem, is there any solution or reason why the unit randomly stops powering up fully? 

Turn on and the light ping up dim for a second or 2 then turn off, SD card light flashes on the side of the unit continuously?

Any answers other than send off for repair? Obviously wont power up to attempt firmware update on the laptop.

I had my unit a few years but its often remains in the packaging box and has only been used a number off times

A little disappointed to be honest, for the price point I expect quality build and life span that comes with other Pioneers products.

Any answers welcomed

Many thanks

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