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XDJ RX - features wishlist

I recently bought a RX and Im very happy with it!
so far two basic features I miss (probably fixable with firmware updates!):

  • Prevent to load on playing deck (a must have!)


when using 2 different players (cdjs for example), each one has a dedicated time mode button. I used to use REMAINING time mode for the ON AIR track, and ELAPSED time mode for the mixing in track. Since the RX only has 1 time mode button, it would be nice to add the time mode option (in the utility menu):

 DIRECT: both decks elapsed or remain, switching the state by pressing the time mode button

 INVERT: 1 deck elapsed, the other remaining, switching the order of them by pressing the time mode button

Is there any specific place or sticky post to add features to a wishlist for futures updates? if not, i would be nice to have one! (also for rekordbox!)

Thank you in advance,

gastondegese . Respondida

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The first has already been noted and will be included in a future update, and I believe the second has also been suggested but I will remind the engineers.

This is the best place to submit your requests - thanks for your feedback!

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