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Feature Request - Click in Search Box, default to full collection - performance mode

 Hi Guys,

Would it be possible to have it so that when you click in the search box it will automatically default to your full collection when you search for a track no matter what playlist you might be in. Now I know people may also be in a playlist and want to just search that - so maybe put a toggle on/off function for "when click search, default to full collection" in the options, people then could choose to have it enabled or not.

I feel this would be a great time-saver, especially for me at least and for when you have a long list of playlists and you have to scroll to the top to search,  enter your search and then remember you have not clicked full collection beforehand.... :)

I know Alt F keyboard shortcut does it but a mousepad click in the search box would also be useful.

Another fault free RekordBox performance outing this weekend again.... :)

John Tankard

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I'll pass this suggestion along to the product planning team. Thanks!

Mark Gallo
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I agree. Other programs having better searching--Add to search DB option-no scrolling,you don't have to be in collection or specific folder to find a song,
Feature- searching by bpm -from bpm to bpm-


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seems like you're limited in searching

but maybe because you can only search in what you have prepared

Keep in mind that recordbox is actually a preparation an evaluation program for pioneer dj devices with a plus package to perform


to search i just use the os explore window (for now?)

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