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REKORDBOX - Metadata Converter from other DJ software


 I would like a metadata converter (grids, cues, loops, flips, tags ...) not to repeat all the preparation done for years with other DJ software (Traktor, Serato, VDJ ...).

I dread to think how long it will take me for the thousands tracks that I own :-(

So I don't know if I should switch to Rekordbox ...



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rekordbuddy is the only solution currently available - and it is still in beta. There are no current plans to incorporate a migration tool into rekordbox.

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I think it's critical to find a way to accomplish this, or to find a way to store track info the same way as the other big software players.  Why reinvent the wheel?  If Serato, for example, has a great system for storing tag data, than use that...I don't see any heavy user of cue points etc. switching mid-stream to seriously try another kind of software if it means going back to square one.  I think Rekordbox DJ looks great.  And, as someone who always uses Pioneer players &/or controllers, I think it'd be like cutting out the middleman...but there's no way I could go back and redo every file...The content of the database will keep people chained to one brand whether they want to be there, or not.  

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