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Protect Library function on RB DJ?

Just curious if you will be putting out an update that protects the file.  Since moving to RB DJ (which I love) I have been accidentally clicking twice which then makes me change the name of the file.  In Serato you can protect it... (Its called PROTECT LIBRARY)  Now I know there are many more options within RB DJ like changing the color and rating your tracks.  Is there anyway way that the TRACK TITLE could be frozen so its not so easy to be changed.  

Just went back to RB DJ.  This is more when I hold down my finger on the pad.  Not push the pas down.  Anyone else have this issue or see it being a problem... I am new to RB DJ for the past week.  Its great... Learning curve isn't too bad.  

Michael Riker

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Thanks for you feedback.  I will pass your suggestion along to our engineering team.

Mark Gallo
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Great idea, I have done this a few times, would be cool to have it where it locks renaming of tracks, they already lock editing in export mode so why not lock editing in performance mode too somehow, maybe an on off box on the right side of the software

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