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CDJ in HID and DVS 4 deck set up

Hi Guys, firstly apologies for posting this if its been answered before... I have seen a version of an answer which I think may provide a potential solution but I want to double check.


I just need some reassurances as my question is a slight variation on the set up alluded to above, I'd also be interested if anyone else is running this set up?

So I'm looking to run Traktor across 4 decks, 2 1210's using DVS and 2 CDJ 900nexus players (or XDJ1000's) with a DJM850

My question is can anyone forsee an issue using the CDJ's in HID mode and the 1210's obviously using DVS? All scenarios if see refer the the CDJ's being used via timecode Cd's not HID mode... I currently run Traktor through an Audio 8 so the benefit of utilising the DJM850's soundcard speaks volumes

I just want to make sure it would work before I splash the best part of £2k.. Plus if HID mode and DVS work in unison this may effect my choice of 900nexus v XDJ1000 given the huge saving on price

Any help advice would be appreciated..I'm probably over thinking this and all should be ok. Just need some seasoned Pioneer users to put my mind at rest

Ps if anyone id using this set up would be interested to hear your thoughts






Michael Prestage

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The good news is yes, you can do just that. I set it up to test and take a photo for you:

On the left is a CDJ-2000NXS2 running the timecode (substitute that for a turntable) and on the right is an XDJ-1000 running in HID mode. The DJM-T1 is being used for timecode input and soundcard output from Traktor, but the DJM-850 would work the same way.

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