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Pitch Matching and Background sound

CDJ 350's + Mixer + Amplifier  + VDJ 8


I'm not sure if this normal or what, but the pitch doesn't match 100% on both CDJ's and VDJ, the main BPM/pitch shows, it's just the point after that. I understand that nothing can be 100%. It is like, on VDJ it is 128.59, and on a CDJ it is dead on 128.

Also, I'm getting feedback from my laptop through the speakers, like a dull hiss/hum of a hard drive being accessed, but noticeable when nothing is playing. Moving the mouse also creates it... Laptop's mic is disabled, only recording enabled are the 350's... Not sure what's up.

DJ Palsy P

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The CDJ-350 doesn't show two-decimal accuracy, so the unit will show 128 but it could be anywhere from 128.00 through 128.99. You may find you can adjust the slider through a couple of different pitch percentage points while the display remains at 128. This is perfectly normal.

You may be hearing noise because of your computer's USB chipset. If it is not properly isolated it will send interference through to the CDJs which I presume are being used as sound cards for your audio output. Another possibility is that you may try disconnecting the wall power for your laptop - if the noise disappears it was the charging circuit in your computer causing the noise.

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