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So what has really changed on the 2000 mk2s?

HDJ 2000 MK2:

Why do i get the feeling that the sound are more flat on the MK2s when the Mk1s felt more HIFI, sure they gets the job done, but its not a blissful listening.
also you should check the overall quality on the headphonecases that comes with. mine broke after a couple of days, still waiting for a replacement.

Even if the quality of the Mk1s were worse, they sounded better than the mk2

i bought them just to celebrate my new purchase of the Nxs2s, but now they mostly hangs on my wall, with the other lot of headphones!

Shame! really, cause they are great looking phones!



Martin db

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Sorry to hear that, the quality of the MK2s is great, but there can be an issue with a pair.  The drivers are updated from the MK1s and should result in a better sound.  Ultimately we go with what works best for us.

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