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Round-robin and 16 bars (TORAIZ)

2 questions (requests?) before buying.


I'm very interested in the Toraiz since I am looking hard for a compagnion for my Tempest. I've had many already but none really réally cut it (MPC5000, Jomox Xbase999, Maschine).

There are two things withholding me to insta-buy the toraiz:

1) can you layer multiple samples on a pad? And if so: does it have a round-robin/random-pick-sample option? This really gives life to samplers when loaded with many almost alike but not quite the same samples.

2) +4 bars! For me a drumloop really comes to life and tells a story when it's 16 bars. Is this planned for a future release? Maybe pressing one of the bars button twice or trice etc to enter the 5th > 16th bars? This is a real dealbreaker (or maker) for me and a lot of people in my circles that are looking into the Toraiz.

Kind regards,

Jørgen Hvirring

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