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Toraiz SP-16 - Purchased thoughts and questions

Hey all,

I ended up buying an SP-16 knowning it is limited in what it can do, and just took a leap of faith that pioneer will add what i expect in the comnig months, which is


Chain effects on individual tracks or at least an FX bus to chain FX that tracks can be sent to if the thing doesnt have enough processing power, although it should have a decent enough backbone considering it costs the same as a cheap laptop and ableton push here in australia.

32 second increase, again if it cant sync 3 min plus tracks you should be able to at least chop them up on the machine itself, if its a problem with trying to Sync longer tracks to the BPM just use recordbox to add a grid, works well enough for CDJS

Master track needs chain effects too really, a simple reverb and delay isnt enough and although they may add more chaining 2 or more FX is the key, 2 of 3 FX can keep people engaded for hours because of the additional possibilities

Beatsync > Midi so when using sp16 with CDJS it adjust the tempo of my external midi gear like ph08 or A4



Its fun to play,

the pads are the best on any device ive used, and large,

well built,

easy to use for the most part, 

Filters sound great, my favorite sounding filter so far




Can some other users tell me if im doing something wrong or its just no well thought out


Selecting tracks, when im selecting a track to say edit a parameter or play a pattern, when i select it, it plays the loop or sound, how do i select it without playing the sound?

Playing tracks, in ableton for instance when you play a loop if you out of tmie it waits until its say at the start or a bar before it plays that loop, where do i set this? currently if im out of time my loop plays out of time.


fading tracks  in and out - to make this work for me live i would like to easier adjust the volume, of a track, i find the rotary gain is poor, it takes too long and i can only adjust one volume at a time, is there another way to fade tracks out with say the touch strip on the side, and maybe group multiple tracks so that effects all the tracks selected at the same time.

Stopping a loop mid flow, I cant see a way to stop an individual loop mid flow without muting it as i may want to say tripper a build, then mute the build and play a drop at the same time, this cant be done if mutes on unless you can slow down time ;)

I think thats all for now, so far i dont regret purchasing it, I can see its potential and its not a bad machine as it but it will be ground breaking if pioneer manage to take it passed this basic implementation, there not too far off, hopefully the underlying hardware is S**T and causes limitations. 






Scott Rotton

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Hello Scott,

Thanks for your feedback, Unfortunately the features your asking are not available on the SP-16 at this time. I will move this post to the Features and Request so our production team can see your request and hopefully make adjustments. Thank you for your great feedback. 

Dj Creme
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Hi, I've put in similar request to yours on effects/effect chains.


1. Way to select track w/o it playing is to use the screen. Only way at present. Yes its a bit annoying. 

2. You will need to set the right trigger /edit the sample. I encounter this issue as well

3. Yes, am waiting for the next firmware, hook up a midi controller to control volume fades. have put a request so you can adjust volume on the touch screen faders

4. use triggers, it will stop at beginning of bar 1 OR use the patterns and scenes to set this up the way you want. If its a 16 bar loop then yes you cannot. use shorter loops or 1 shots.

One general advice is to try figure out the work arounds. Don't expect and approach the sp 16 to behave like Ableton- its not and will never be one. 

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