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Toraiz SP-16 - Maximum Flash Drive Capacity

Is there a limitation to the size of flash drive that can be used with the Toraiz SP-16?  The manual mentions FAT16 and FAT32 formatting but does not specify the maximum size of flash drive that is supported.   Also, is enough bus power supplied to operate a SSD from the USB port and, if so, is there a size limit to the drive?


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I'll go ahead and answer my own question in case people have the same one in the future.  I just got off the phone with Pioneer tech support and the 32GB FAT32 artificial limit that people normally run into when formatting on Windows machines is not a problem.  Anything up to 16TB should be supported as long as a third party formatting software is used or, in my case, if it's formatted with Mac OS Disk Utility.  Concerning power draw, anything up to 500 mA is supported so as long as your drive doesn't pull more than that it should work.

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