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Toraiz SP-16 - Firmware Upgrade Request


Really happy with the Toraiz, really intuitive workflow and the audio quality and sampling are excellent..

I know the firmware is due a couple of big updates and I have a couple of requests which I think are big omissions in the current system:


Midi I/O (already planned)

More FX including LFO reverb and delay per track is planned BUT more than 2 FX available per track is essential (for example when you may wish to filter/eq a sub-bassline and add a synced LFO).

Velocity parameter edit - there is no way of editing the velocity in the sequencer. This is needed for ease of step input as pads only trigger at 100% velocity. This would improve workflow and also open up a lot more possibility for step modulation effects. 

Recording automation - record and adjust modulation parameters and track FX in a live scenario instead of step input only. At the moment FX have be played live and resampled and then added to a new track and cannot be edited, greatly limiting creative options. 

An undo function would help workflow.

Folder management - being able to save samples into specific locations would be very helpful instead of having to plug in a laptop to reorder everything in files (like 'Kick' folder, 'Synth' folder etc.).

BUG - The envelope 'Preset' button is not present in my machine (with 1.1 firmware) so I don't have the list of standard presets shown in the manual including 'declick' etc.

BUG - unable to 'save and replace' files.


I think the Toraiz really does need the above sorted as it is currently unable to operate anywhere near its potential and I hope that my faith in buying it with the current omissions in the firmware won't be disappointed! 








James Croyden

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big up for the Undo function, sounds like a plan !

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