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Toraiz SP-16 Suggestions


Greetings from https://www.facebook.com/groups/toraiz/

We asked our members for some suggestions/improvements for the SP-16

1. The touch screen could function like a Korg Kaos Pad with selectable parameters for X and Y.

2. Shift and select could select multiple channels on mixer page so that they could be moved together.

3. Probability trigs on sequencer so % determines if note sounds (or not).also any fixed combination of the 4 bars,

4. Both reverb and delay useable on channel sends.

5. Filter envelope for filter fx page.

6. Live on the fly sampling/looping

7.Polyphony. 8 parts at least

8.An undo function would REALLY help workflow!!

9. Remove 32sec sampling limitation.

10. Midi Arpeggiator

Marc Davidson

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I have a couple of important suggestions I would love to see implemented.

1st: have an amp envelope on thru tracks. This allows her sequencer to gate the passing audio as though it were coming from sample playback. This feature has been critical feature of another sampler I use and would be a treasure here. It ties in really well with modular synths that can stream audio through the Toraiz while the Toraiz handles all the rhythmic gate/envelope work. SUPER useful.

2. Having an EQ per track without using an fx slot for it. To nail the perfect mix, a little EQ tweak can go a long way. But this uses the only available fx slot on the channel. Could we have an equal per track or perhaps 2 fx channels?

Many thanks. The Toraiz is already the hub of my live performance rig.

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