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SP-16 BPM Lock

BPM Scene to Scene. A BPM Scene lock would open up so many compositional possibilities and kill the load lag between projects opening.

We should be able to design a whole stand alone set with the 16S/16P layout.

Marc Davidson

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As a all Hardware performer- the idea I have for Toraiz is a centerpiece to a live set up. 

This makes BPM Scene to Scene totally necessary!

WE have to be able to Save different BPM's for all 16 Scenes within a project. That way we can lay out entire sets throughout one project and really take advantage of all 256 pattern possibilities.  

Also- Chaining 2 or 3 patterns together to increase Bar measures would be highly valuable as a live composition tool.


Many thanks! 

Joshua Lee Vineyard 0 votos
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