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Toraiz Sampling Thru-Put

I would like to request that the input stay active and audible even when not in sampling to a track mode. Much like an asrx where whatever one has plugged in, in this case a korg synth, stays audible to allow for experimenting with sounds and playing over the last thing you sampled or what ever the case may be. Maybe some global input settings like; track, track + effects, global, global + effects, off.

When I sample to a track i would like to assign that recorded sample immediately to that track instead of having to navigate for it. Or maybe instead of sampling to a track I can sample to a user button and then assign to various other pads. Along those same lines a 'copy pad to track' function would come in handy and alleviate the need for the aforementioned suggestions. 

Thank you. 

Orión García

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Update. You can kind of circumvent my above thru put request by simply assigning a track's type to thru (derp). That will make the track's source - line in. 

I'd still like to see a quicker way to assign that recorded sample to various pads on the fly though. Loving this machine, it's a beast!

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+1 - your flow to get from freshly sampled audio to assigned pad is still 7 or so gestures faster than the MPC Live I'm not keeping, but it's still not as fast as simply saying in the default settings mode

"automatically convert track to sample track upon end of recording of new sample" or something...

Keep fleshing out this box please! For such a low-spec'd device this thing ROCKS.

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