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Rekordbox Scan music folder function

Having only recently starting using Rekordbox to DJ with after using VirtualDJ for the past 10 years, there are a few functions that I sorely miss. The two main issues I have with this program are;

A scan function to scan folders for tracks that are not imported into the program, which I find rather annoying as I have a vast collection so there are some folders that are not searchable in Rekordbox due to them not having been imported (and I have to go through my music folder and match them to my collection in Rekordbox which is both time consuming and frustrating)

And also having your music folder viewed in the same way it is in the folder (not a huge list of each song, but a view of each artist/genre folder that you can expand when selected)


The folder view was a particularly helpful feature of VirtualDJ, as I mix on the fly by scrolling through the artists and selecting songs that fit in the quickest time possible, this is something that is made more difficult by having to scroll through every track rather than being able to see an artist and think "Yes, that will go next" when I may not think of that artist when rushing through the tracks or using the search bar.


Other than those two issues, I'm loving the program. It's brilliant to use with my DDJ-RX. Fix those and it will literally be perfect for me.

Keith Hamilton

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