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Availability of DJMs A9 in the German market

Hello everyone,

I was wondering when the DJMs A9 will be available again in the German market. There seems to be some challenges within the supply chain currently. Does anyone know the specific reasons or issues causing these delays? Additionally, does anyone have an estimate on when we can expect a supply again?

I appreciate any insights and thank you in advance for the information!

Best regards.

Pasquale Abbritti

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The supply chain issues for DJ Equipment (not just PioneerDJ) is there for pretty long time now. There seems to be long lists of orders which will get all supply which is coming. My A9 took 2 weeks to be delivered - I was very lucky, but I ordered at the first day...
My suggestion is to place an order (if you really want it) and wait until it is delivered. If you wait until it is available for direct pickup in a store, you may wait forever.

At Music Store in Köln it says 'available approximately by October 17' - this would be 8 weeks. Actually not too bad.

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