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Chauvet Wash FX 2


I just got a couple Chauvet Wash FX2 and I see all their DMX modes such as 28, 8, and 3 channel modes in Rekordbox. 

I connected them via the RB-DMX1 and was sad to see that their six different lights all act as one light. I have them mapped to EFFECTS 1 and EFFECTS 2. When I set them to the Program settings, they do really cool chasing effects where all six of the groups of three lights do different colors, but when in 28channel DMX mode controlled by Rekordbox, they all turn on and off in one color in unison. Is there any way to get them to fully utilize all 28 channels when using the RB-DMX1 connector? 

Thank you, 


Joseph Chang No planeada

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Hello Joseph, 

Responding to your request, rekordbox lighting engineers developed the customized version of "Chauvet Wash FX2" in the new library version 1400. 

Please update the library to version 1400 to see if any difference is made. 


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