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Opus Quad Interface Update

After using the opus quad for a while now, I think that the interface for the 4 decks need to be updated. Both screen types need to be updated:

-the main screen needs to show all four waveforms

-the side screens need to show both loaded tracks waveforms

Starting with the main screen, the improvements could be:

Improvements to main screen:

  • Show all four waveforms stacked
  • Show artist name and track name
  • Make the top banner smaller (where it says Waveform)
  • Make the bottom Deck info thinner
  • Make the buttons on the bottom deck select bigger (tap the whole thing for FX select. Make the arrow for the crossfader and input select the smaller of the two touch zones.)
  • Make it very clear which deck is the master deck. (put an orange border around the waveformå
  • Change the colour of the loop selector from orange to something else that is more visible against the waveform.)
  • Remove the waveform summaries from the layout (this is duplicate information from the other screens.)
  • Visually indicate which of decks ½ and ¾ are currently selected



For the side screens, the issues with the current layout are:

  • Only 1 deck visible at a time
  • Lot of wasted space / inefficient layout
  • Irrelevant info: track 22
  • Some information takes up more space than it needs (Quantise value)
  • A. Cue could be re-mapped to the cue buttons (make it blink when it is the selected queue.)

Improvements could be made via:

  • Show 2 decks on one screen
  • Make it clear which deck is selected with coloured border around the waveform summary
  • Have the top half display info for deck 1/2
  • Have the bottom half display info for deck 3/4
  • When only one deck is loaded, then default back to single deck layout
  • When two songs loaded into each deck, auto switch to layout
  • (like in rekordbox) make the colour of the waveform darker/greyer for the section of the song that has been played. (this is currently done on the main screens waveform summary. which can be removed from the main screen if implementing this feature.)
  • Need to show the track-name (preference for artist as well)
  • Make it very clear which deck is the master.






James Keaney

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