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Adding EQ Isolate option for Rekordbox Mobile App

A great feature would be to add an EQ Isolate option (complete kill / mute) for Rekordbox Mobile App (Android, iOS,iPadOS). So when the EQ knobs (Highs, Mids, and Lows) from a connected controller are turned down to the left they can completely kill an isolate the audio. The Rekordbox Desktop software already has this featurefor connected controllers. It would be nice if the Rekordbox mobile app had that option to completely kill / isolate the EQ knobs of connected controllers. Denon Engine DJ already has this option as part of their engine DJ software that is on all their standalone DJ Gear.. where you can set the option to kill / isolate the EQs behavior. I appreciate you looking into this ..thank you!
DJ Zullo

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