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DJM V10 Effects Send/Receive

Newbie question here.  I have a lovely effects module (Audio Heat), I've tried connecting and using Send/Receive but I don't want the original input signal, I just want the output signal to replace the input.

Is this possible with DJM V10 - it seems not. It seems that I would have to insert my effects module after the mixer, and on the master output rather than being able to use in on each mixer channel as I require.

Am I correct to assume that Send/Receive is only useful if you want to preserve the original input and then apply the effect together with the original input, such as for an echo or receive, but for other effects such as bit crusher or distortion that is not really possible with Send/Receive?

(Probably related to https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/5034960004761-Pre-fader-Send-Effects-DJM-V10?input_string=DJM%20V10%20Effects%20Send%2FReceive)


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