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Sync with My Tag pop-up when inserting USB

I've been using 1 laptop to organize my library for awhile now, but today when I plugged in my USB to sync my tracks I got a pop-up titled Sync with My Tag that says "You have to resync My Tag after starting Cloud Library Sync.  Do you want to delete My Tag stored in the device and sync with My Tag in this computer?"

I have never started Cloud Library Sync, and I checked in My Page to confirm the slider is off, so I'm not sure why I'm getting this pop-up.  When I clicked "Do not sync with My Tag" it said My Tag will not be exported because this device is sunced with another computer -- which is not true because I've never synced my USB to another computer.

It seems i should just go ahead and click Sync with My Tag -- I'm just worried that will mess something up.  

Any advice here?  Thanks in advance.

Justin Charles

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