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Undo Renumber Track Order

I've made a huge mistake, misclicked and clicked to Renumber Track Order when I was working on my playlist, now I lost the entire playlist I've been working on for days now.

Please tell me that I can undo it somehow, it's so easy to misclick and lose everything. Please please give me a solution or workaround or anything... please please

Peter Toth

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Thank you!

I've got a huge luck, I exported the latest version to a pendrive that wasn't plugged in at the time when I made this mistake, so I plugged in to my deck, and manually re-ordered it in rekordbox.

BTW, I tried the "master database backup" renameing trick, and while I stop my PC every day, the latest backup was 1 week old.

How is that possible? When I stop my PC I push the power button, and it closes and stops everything normally, so this might be a rekordbox bug, please forward this to the dev team.

Also, please, add an undo feature!!!!


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