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Rekordbox Advanced analysis features

I tested and reviewed Rekordbox for a long time. I would like to share my improvement notes on important points. I present it to your ideas and thoughts for better performances.

1. Rekordbox archives can have the same files many times. That's why for more organized archives, rekordbox should find repetitive files as we find our repeating photos on our phones. Thus, cleaner and more regular archives will be created.

2. Rekordbox should be able to analyze and tag the instruments in the music. Thus, there will be more organized archives and more concept performances. It is tiring for users to do these analyzes.

3. Hotcues are the area where all users spend the most time. Therefore, the most appropriate cue points of the music should be analyzed automatically and colored according to the type of that section. Thus, we can use hotcues for error-free and more convenient transitions.

4. Rekordbox should be able to pull all the tag information of the music as it shoots the music lyrics. Since most of the users' files are obtained from different places, the information is missing and the tags in the archivings become weak.

5. Rekordbox playlists should be able to be divided into sections within themselves. A playlist is whole, and creating parts of the performance in separate lists causes misuse.

6. In Rekordbox, all playlists should be sorted by personal tags. Users tag their concepts by tags and feel the need to sort accordingly.

7. Rekordbox should be able to analyze the beat measurements of the music. Thus, we know all types of hits such as 4/4, 2/4, 4/8, 3/8 and make our playlists more hysmonic. We use more appropriate scales than parts of performance.

8. When we change the key setting of rekordbox music, it should be able to maintain the key information of the vocal layer. Thus, we get rid of bad vocals.

by kaya

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