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A Search Box for Playlists!

I've been using Rekordbox for years and have over 34,000 tracks in it. I have made lots and lots of playlists over this time. I use a lot of folders and nested folders for playlists as well and it's become a bit difficult to find exactly where I've put certain playlists, leading me to spending too much time scrolling up and down, opening different folders when I could have found and selected my track already. (admittedly, this is partially because my list of playlists has become a bit disorganized, but this feature would help me find playlists and move/group them more appropriately).

I'm sure I'm not the only user out there who has a bit of a messy library for whom this feature would help out IMMENSELY. Please. I really think it would be helpful and really shouldn't be too difficult to implement. Thanks!

Tony R

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