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CDJ3000 with CDJ2000nxs2 link problem

I have 2x CDJ3000 and 2x CDJ2000nxs2
The issue is with the CDJ2000nxs2 when linked together with the CDJ3000. 
After 15-20min the CDJ2000nxs2 goes into an emergency loop and connects again, but only on the CDJ2000nxs2.
The CDJ3000 firmware version no. is 3.00 (tried the 3.11 version, but thought that was the problem so downgraded it back to 3.00 and it is the same...)
The CDJ2000nxs2 version no. is 1.8.5 

Tried different types of USB, SSD drives, link cables, and switches, happens the same for everyone.
If you put the USB drive into the CDJ2000nxs2 and link to CDJ3000 the 3000 goes into an emergency loop.

Has anyone had the same issues? 


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Never heard of that. Just a thought - are your Usbs 3.1 or higher.

I dont think CDJ2000 support USB 3.1 or higher

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