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Add "Store Memory Point" and "Delete Memory Point" to Transport mode in Pad functions (for DDJ-XP1/-XP2 and other controllers to use)


Please add "Store Memory Point" and "Delete Memory Point" to Transport mode in Pad function (for DDJ-XP1/-XP2 and other controllers to use).

I bought a DDJ-XP2 thinking that I'd be able to map the"Store Memory Point" button (and Shift+Press to "Delete Memory Point") that you have on most CDJs and DDJ controllers, using the Transport mode for Pad functions, but that function is seems lacking (Transport mode in Pad functions does include Next Memory Point and Prev Memory Point functions though, so it would seem logical to have the Store and Delete functionality too). This would be really useful when using DDJ-XP1/-XP2 when preparing trackings that I've added to my RekordBox library. I can do pretty much everything else on the DDJ-XP1/-XP2, but for storing and deleting memory points, I need to use the keyboard shortcuts (or do at least 3 clicks using the mouse in Rekordbox to open the Memory points and store it, but then I lose the HotCue page from visibility so I have to re-press the HotCue or cusotm buttoms to go back to my custom Transport layout!!!). Help!


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