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Midi mapping XP2 for Serato Stems

Would someone be able to help with some advice on mapping stems for DDJ XP2 & SERATO. I have read the guide in the manual and understand the fundamentals but can't work out a couple of the finer points.

I want to use Pad Mode 3 - Currently slicer and Sampler and to map stems and am working as follows:

P1 Accapella 

P2 Instrumental 

(Next to the BPM and track length in Serato)

Then I want teh following slots to be empty 

P3 & P4  

The two rows underneath then mirror the Serato screen:

P5-8 Vocal / Melody / Bass / Drums

P9-12 Vox Echo  / Inst Echo / Inst Breaker Drums Echo 


Question 1: How to I clear Pads 3 & 4 as they are still showing as slicer 


Question 2: Is there any way to colour code the Stems Map? It has no colours at all after mapping.


Thanks in advance I can't seem to find the answers anywhere.  


Gavin Gomes

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I've since reassigned P3 & P4 but the waveform desplayed on Serato still plays with the Slicer mode overlay i.e. the track turns red and highlights each bar as the track is playing 


Hopefully the Serato 3.1 update will sort all of these but is there someone at Pioneer that can help in the meantime? 

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